We are an Australian-owned company located in Morwell, Victoria providing custom wood treatment to manufacturers and wholesalers utilising TRU-CORE Wood For Life®.

What is TRU-CORE?

TRU-CORE Wood For Life® is a chemically-based process for rapidly delivering globally accepted wood preservatives and insecticides deep into the core of wood and wood-composite substrates.


TRU-CORE water-based treatment is far superior environmentally to alternative treatments as it uses water as a carrier and does not emit solvents into the atmosphere.

Our Wood Treatment Capabilities

H3 Green treated plywood for outdoor above ground application - protected from borers, termite, and rot.

H3 Green (Azole with Permethrin)

H2 Red treated LVL beams at Fishers

H2 Red (Permethrin)

H3 TRU-CORE Clear (Azole) treated timber - Wormy Chestnut - Fisher's Timber Preservation Pty Ltd

H3 Clear (Azole with Permethrin)