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TRU-CORE Wood for Life™Process Treated Wood: Water Based Azole/ Permethrin:

A New Technology for Australia’s Durable Wood Products

Preservation Technology Proven in the World’s Harshest Environments for 15 years

Water Based Azole with Permethrin is APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority) Registered Product Number 69683 for “Timbertreat™A” Azole Insecticide/Fungicide Wood Preservative

A Water Based Azole Standard AS 1604 Series H3 treatment for hardwoods, softwoods, structural panels and engineered woods with Independent Assessment and Audits at Licensed Production Sites in Australia.

Timbertreat A was registered by the APVMA in December 2015 after the Authority completed their review process. The review included chemistry, stability, health, safety, environmental, and performance evaluations. The performance evaluation was conducted by independent experts in the field. The performance evaluations included penetration, retention and efficacy. The experts concluded that the performance data provided for the product showed at least equivalence to historical solvent based azole preservative systems (LOSP).

For the first time, Australian Consumers have access to wood protected by Water Based Azole with Permethrin for Durable above ground exterior use. This category includes windows and doors, trim, siding, decking, structural timber, and engineered woods. The wood has a natural appearance and does not contain heavy metals that discolor the wood. The wood does not contain carrier solvents.

Azole technology was pioneered in Europe and licensed for use by Kop-Coat 15 years ago in North America. Kop-Coat further developed the technology for both solvent based (enhanced LOSP) and water based (WBAP) use for North America, where it is still widely used today. Independent laboratories conducted extensive testing for Kop-Coat in some of the harshest climates in the world to verify performance against decay and termites.

A key contribution of Kop-Coat to Azole wood protection was the ability to better penetrate the wood products and to extend the durability in harsh environments. Because of these technology contributions, Azole wood protection is widely used for windows and doors, siding, trim and other exterior wood products in North America and other parts of the world.

Kop-Coat Australia

Kop-Coat has now brought its Water Based Azole technology with exceptional wood penetration and durability to Australia. Studies have shown that the TRU-CORE Process treatment with water based azoles will penetrate and protect Australian Hardwoods (Vic Ash, Karri, Tasi Oak), Australian softwoods (Radiata, Slash, Hoop) and Engineered woods (LVL, Plywood).

Key attributes of the treated wood are as follows:

1. Highly durable and robust against all termites, decays and rots in harsh climates.
2. Superior penetration of sapwood and heartwood of easy-to-treat wood.
3. Superior penetration of sapwood and heartwood of hard-to-treat wood.
4. Superior penetration of the glue lines of engineered wood.
5. No solvent carriers.
6. Minimal water uptake for superior dimensional stability and strength properties.
7. No color.
8. Extensive Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Independent Audits.
9. Supports the durable use of Australia’s responsible and sustainable wood.
10. Provided by leading forest product companies and wood treating companies.

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