Codemark™ has issued a Certificate of Conformity to Kop-Coat Australia Pty Ltd for TRU-CORE Wood for Life® products.

Certificate Number CMA-CM40135

Product Description:

Treated timber products including, Sawn Timber, Milled products Glued laminated Timber, Laminated Veneer Lumber –LVL and Laminate Strand Lumber –LSL Plywood and I beams for residential and small commercial buildings.

Brand names:

  • TRU-CORE™ H2 Permethrin
  • TRU-CORE™ H3 Water Based Azoles with Permethrin
  • TRU-CORE™ H3 Alkaline Copper Quaternary
  • TRU-CORE™ H4 Alkaline Copper Quaternary

Product Purpose or Use:

H2, H3, H4 Treated Timber product for use in domestic and commercial buildings.

Download & Print CodeMark – Certificate of Conformity pdf

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