TRU-CORE’s unique mixture of chemicals gives us the capability of glue line penetration through to the heart of the plywood in line with the requirements of VicRoads specification for highway noise attenuation walls (also called soundwall, sound berm, sound barrier, or acoustical barrier).

TRU-CORE penetration technology allows for plywood of hard to treat species such as Douglas fir as well as plywood of easy to treat species such as Radiata pine to be fully penetrated with low uptake solution so that the plywood does not have to be re-dried and does not suffer structural damage as a result of over whetting.

In traditional processes (not TRU-CORE), plywood is usually treated to refusal or to about 400 litres per cubic meter. When treaters use these traditional treatment processes they either have to over whet the plywood or they end up not penetrating and under treating. For traditional treatment processes any uptake less than 300 litres per cubic meter will result in un-penetrated veneers. Even 300 cubic meters of liquid causes need to re-dry and reduces strength.

In comparison, TRU-CORE treatment processes fully penetrate plywood, LVL and other veneer laminated board products with only about 40 litres per cubic meter. How is this possible? The patented TRU-CORE chemical technology carries the preservatives thru ray cells of the wood and thru the glue lines themselves to fully penetrate the plywood without over whetting.

Plywood has been treated with the TRU-CORE process in Australia for nearly four years. Both Douglas fir and Radiata pine have been treated in many cubic meters of plywood including thick dimension plywood.

Scientific studies have been published on the penetration capability of the TRU-CORE process in the AWPA Proceedings, the CWPA Proceedings, and the IRG Publications on record.

In the case of the traditional processes for plywood, they tend to use CCA or copper azole or copper quat (ACQ).

For TRU-CORE Process treatment of plywood, there are several preservative systems that are employed including H2, H3 and H4 types. Your TRU-CORE Green or Brown program utilizing copper quat will penetrate better with no structural damage and no re-dry required.

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