TRU-CORE Wood for Life® Protection System

TRU-CORE Wood for Life® is the most advanced wood treating technology in the world – capable of treating normally regarded hard to treat wood species eg. Victorian Ash, Wormy Chestnut, Doug Fir/Oregon.

The system was developed to address the need for a process which can readily penetrate wood species and composites which do not normally allow for treatment by conventional methods ie Light organic solvent preservatives (LOSP), Chromated copper arsenate (CCA)

It is a chemically-based process for rapidly delivering globally accepted wood preservatives and insecticides deep into the core of wood and wood-composite substrates.

The TRU-CORE Process

TRU-CORE Wood For LifeThe TRU-CORE® Process is a unique physical-chemical infusion process (Pat. Chemistry & Pat. Pending Process) that uses a non-volatile ionic binding carrier (TANO®s) to penetrate the cellular structure of wood and to deposit recognized wood protection materials as required.

The process is accelerated using Vacuum Pressure Impregnation and small amounts of water. The penetration and binding are controlled using wood acid inhibitors (Borates and other buffers).

TRU-CORE Wood For Life® Process
Victorian Ash 90x90 TRU-CORE H3 Azole Penetration Test

Dye applied to timber sample to demonstrate penetration of the H3 Clear Azole in to the Victorian Ash 90×90 Glulam timber.

The TRU-CORE process has been shown to fully penetrate a number of wood species that are considered difficult to penetrate (refractory) using conventional treatment methods.

Works in New Zealand and Australia has also demonstrated that TRU-CORE treatment can often penetrate glue lines in laminated veneer lumber and plywood without damaging the integrity of the glue bonds.

TRU-CORE Process facts:

  • Penetrates wood completely as required
  • Penetrates engineered wood products and wood composites
  • Penetrates wood types including “untreatable” timber
  • Penetrates heartwood as well as sapwood
  • Carries many types of preservatives
  • Carrier becomes “bound” to the wood after time
  • Does not damage the wood structure
  • Does not require volatile solvents or other harmful chemicals


  • Water-based programme
  • Treats a variety of species – eg. Radiata Pine, Victorian Ash, Red & White Baltic Pine, Douglas Fir/Oregon, Wormy Chestnut, Karri
  • Full sapwood and corewood penetration
  • Good adhesion for wallboard
  • Meets and exceeds AS 1604 (fit for purpose)
  • Colourless (H3 Clear Azole)
  • TANO Technology


  • Lowered flammability risk
  • Odourless
  • Competitve processing scheduling & costs