H3 TRU-CORE Green (Copper Quat)

Outside above ground rot & termite protection for hardwood, softwood, engineered wood products, plywood, LVL, glulam, beams, sills, posts, fascia, cladding, decking and joist.

H3 TRU-CORE Green (Copper Quat) treated timber - plywood - Fisher's Timber Preservation Pty Ltd   H3 TRU-CORE Green (Copper Quat) treated timber - pine decking kd - Fisher's Timber Preservation Pty Ltd

H3 TRU-CORE Green (Copper Quat) wood treatment process is capable of protecting timber from borers & termite attacks and rot (moderate decay) outside above ground applications.

Typical colour of the treated timber is blue-green rather than the usual dull green. This blue-green colour occurs because the treating solution strength is higher as the treating process results in a lower water uptake in the wood. Traditional higher water uptake treating schedules use lower copper strengths, so the resulting treated wood appears a dull green.

When cut, the core of the cross-section of the wood has a lighter green and streaked appearance.

Better Treated Wood

  • The TRU-CORE Process results in distribution of the preservative actives throughout the penetration zones.
    A much greater proportion of the heartwood content is penetrated than as required by the timber treatment standards. This provides better protection against decay, rot and insects when non-durable heartwood is present.
  • The unique TRU-CORE Process uses MUCH less water than other Copper based treatments to penetrate the wood.
  • Less water used in the treatment allows the wood to be treated in its final shape and form.
    > Machining and planing is conducted before treatment.
    > In traditional wet treatments, the wood is often re-dried, then planed after treatment.
    > Extra costs, warping/ twisting/cracking, loss of preservative and generation of treated shavings are problems with ‘wet’ treated timber.
  • Because less water is utilized in the TRU-CORE Process, even engineered woods like LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) may be treated without impacting glue line strength properties.

H3 TRU-CORE Green treated timber is penetrated through sapwood and heartwood and does not contain harmful chemicals such as solvent. It comes with a 25 & 50 year guarantee from insect attacks and/or fungal decay (see warranty details).

H3 TRU-CORE Green wood treatment is ideal for:

  • Engineered wood products ie Plywood, joists, LVL beams, glulam
  • Decking (severe risk)
  • Plywood flooring
  • Posts
  • Framing
  • Hand rails
  • Subfloor timbers
  • Joists
  • Fascia boards
  • LVL beams
  • Bargeboards
  • Verandah posts
  • Exterior cladding

Treatable timber species:

  • Radiata Pine
  • Victorian Ash
  • Red & White Baltic Pine
  • Douglas Fir / Oregon