H4 TRU-CORE Brown (Copper Quat)

Outside in-ground rot & termite protection for highway noise attenuation (sound wall) plywood, subfloors, greenhouses, pergolas.

H4 TRU-CORE Brown (Copper Quat) treated timber - Fisher's Timber Preservation Pty Ltd   H4 TRU-CORE Brown (Copper Quat) treated timber - decking - Fisher's Timber Preservation Pty Ltd

H4 TRU-CORE Brown (Copper Quat) wood treatment process is capable of protecting timber from borers & termite attacks and rot (severe decay) in outside in-ground applications. Typical colour of the treated timber is brown.

H4 TRU-CORE Brown treated timber is penetrated through sapwood and heartwood and does not contain harmful chemicals such as solvent. It comes with a 50 year guarantee from insect attacks and/or fungal decay (see warranty details).

H4 TRU-CORE Brown wood treatment is ideal for:

  • Highway noise attenuation walls (plywood) We require a minimum of 4 packs (160 sheets) on treating 2400 x 1200 x 32mm
  • Subfloor timbers
  • Greenhouses
  • Pergolas

Treatable timber species are:

  • Radiata Pine
  • Victorian Ash
  • Red & White Baltic Pine
  • Douglas Fir / Oregon